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January 23rd, 2019

THESE Are Supposed To Be The Best Netflix Series

“Netflix & Chill” is certainly one of THE favorite things to do of our generation today. The streaming service really shows its strengths, especially in the series section. Never before have series been hyped so much as they are today. No wonder that someday you will run out of ideas for new stuff.

In order for you to have something to do for the next few months, here are THE Netflix’ favorites according to imdb.com:

1. Stranger Things

Genre: Mystery, Sci-Fi- and Fantasy, Thriller

After the disappearance of a boy, secret government experiments, supernatural powers and a strange little girl come to light in a small town.

2. Black Mirror

Genre: Mystery, Sci-Fi- and Fantasy, Thriller

This sci-fi anthology series takes place in a bizarre, highly technological future in which the greatest innovations of humanity meet their darkest instincts.

3. House Of Cards

Genre: Thriller, Drama

Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning political drama about an unscrupulous congressman who finds every means right to seize power in Washington.

4. Narcos

Genre: Action- and Adventure, Crime, Thriller, Drama

This gritty gangster drama series is based on the true story of Colombia’s infamous, violent and influential drug cartels.

5. The Crown

Genre: Drama

The political rivalries and romances during the reign of Elizabeth II as well as the events that characterized the second half of the 20th century are the subject of this series.

6. Dark

Genre: Mystery, Crime, Sci-Fi- and Fantasy, Thriller

After the disappearance of a child, four families embark on a desperate search for answers and the solution of a mystery that spans three generations. A German surprise hit!

7. La Casa De Papel

Genre: Crime, Thriller

A criminal genius manipulates the police for his plan, with eight thieves trapped together with hostages in a Spanish money printing house.

8. Mindhunter

Genre: Crime, Thriller

In the late 1970s, two FBI agents revolutionized crime science by analyzing the murderous psyche of human monsters.

9. Bojack Horseman

Genre: Animation, Comedy

Introducing the most popular sitcom horse of the 90s. BoJack is a lousy pecker, but he has a heart out of … well, not gold, but something like that. Copper?

10. Orange Is The New Black

Genre: Comedy

In the Emmy-winning series a rich girl from New York lands in the Women’s Prison as she’s caught up in a past crime.

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