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December 5th, 2017

These Boots Are Made For Posing

Boots are a wardrobe essential – especially in winter. Follow the lead of Chiara Ferragni, Marie von Behrens and Lizzy Perridon and get a pair of Doc Martens or Doc Martens inspired Boots.


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Doc Martens is a Biritsh brand founded by Klaus Märtens. The Boots are known for their edgy, rough look and yellow stitching. The boots gained popularity with punk cultures in the 80s. The brand represents youth and rebellion. Today, Doc Martnens are not only highly recognized, its range includes different styles of boots. Chiara Ferragni for instance wears the new plattform version of the iconic boots. With its chunkly soles, the boots are perfect for the winter season.


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Source: instagram.com/chiaraferragni
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Chiara Ferragni

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